About the Concert Resonance

Resonance... A word that sounds and makes sense !

 This word perfectly reflects the goals of the concert organized by the Rotary Inter-Country Committees since 2015.

Why 'Resonance' ?

On one hand because resonance, in physics, is the increase of the amplitude of a system oscillation under the influence of regular external impulses.

The mission of the Rotary Inter-Country Committees is to be a generator of external impulses able to engender, develop and maintain a dynamic of reciprocal and alternated meetings between friends and clubs from different countries to promote people understanding and peace in the world.


On the other hand, because resonance is also the ability to reproduce sounds. What musicians do well, especially when they are performing in a room with excellent acoustic, such as the Academic Hall of the University of Liège.


Finally, because resonance is also, and maybe above all, the ability to move and provoke a response in a person. 

And this is "Resonance" main goal, to touch the audience by the quality of the performances of the invited musicians.


So, together, let’s get into 'Resonance' !

Our Objectives

The profits brought during 'Resonance' concerts are converted into grants, to promote young professional musicians, to allow them to perform abroad, in an international environment, in contact with different cultures.