Program Edition 2020

Videos of the edition 2020 can be seen here.

Part I

Stanislava Zagidulina (24/05/1999) – piano
Russia, St.Petersburg State Conservatory


  • R.Schumann: 3 pieces of Fantasiestücke, op.12 – “Aufschwung”, “Des Abends”, ”Traumes Wirren” (“Upswing”, “In the Evening”, “Dream’s Confusions”)
  • I. Stravinsky: Three Movements from the ballet “Petrushka”- “Russian Dance”, “Petrushka's Room”, ”The Shrovetide Fair” (transcribed for piano by the composer)


Vladyslav Dolhiier (08/08/1997) –  cello

Ukraine, Odessa State Conservatory


  • N.Paganini: Variations on a theme from “Moses in Egypt”
  • P.Tchaikovsky: Pezzo capriccioso
  • K.Popper: Dance of the Elves
  • D.Shostakovich: Concertо N 1 in E-flat major, op.107, 1st mvt.




Part II

Ihor Vydoinyk (20/05/1994) – flute

Ukraine, Odessa State Conservatory


  • С.Stamitz: Flute Concerto in G major, Op.29, 1st mvt.
  • Ph.Gaubert: Nocturne et Allegro Scherzando
  • G.Schocker: “Regrets and Resolutions”

Sofiya Vnukova (08/03/1996) – violin
Russia, Moscow State Conservatory


  • L.Beethoven: Sonata N 8  in G major, op. 30 No 3, 1st mvt.
  • N. Paganini: “La Campanella” (Concerto N 2 in B minor, op.7, 3st mvt.)
  • H. Wieniawski: Variations on an Original Theme

Elena Gevorkian accompanist
Ukraine, Kyiv